J-RAW was born as Danjel Keekstra in 1990 in Enschede. At a young age he had a love for music. At the age of fifteen he played on his first party. Soon he climbed up and reached more and more. The past time he turned at local clubs and had his own radio show at TV Enschede FM. Nowadays, he is still busy with playing and producing. Next to that he's very busy with completing his studies in electrical engineering.

His goal is to eventually tour over the world with its unique "RAW House" style.





Koop nu de laatste kaarten voor SDE ! https://t.co/kMdOlhk9Xu
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Ik heb 82 foto's op Facebook geplaatst in het album "S.V. Watt Lustrum 2015" http://t.co/UuidJdoThN
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Wees er bij de BSIT 2015! http://t.co/A8gs8oazI3
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I'm playing at @BSIT 2015 be there! http://t.co/66ObTGKqGb
May 17replyretweet
Welcome to my page also check also http://t.co/dRmSrUgNZP
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Tonight the last episode of #soundinvasion @tvefm a new chapter has begun!
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Bezig met de website soon online :)
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Club Night with J-Raw Club: Markt 2 Haaksbergen Date: Friday 11th October Time: 22.00 till 03.00! Age : 18+ Be there!! Seeyou@markt2!
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Vrijdag 9 augustus J-Raw Club Night!! @ : Markt 2 te Haaksbergen Time : 22:00 - 03.00 Ben jij weer terug van... http://t.co/VH37rcT1Zk
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Vanavond J-Raw Club Night Summer Special!! @ : Markt 2 te Haaksbergen Time : 22.00 - 03.00 Entree :... http://t.co/wNdoB8uWaL
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Vrijdag 5 juli J-Raw Club Night Summer Special! Ga je bijna op vakantie? Ga dan nu voor je weg gaat nog even... http://t.co/XXVzChocBG
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Tonight J-Raw Club Night!! Het is bijna weer zover! De zomervakantie begint over een week, dan begint het... http://t.co/SjIyrJlFtY
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J-Raw Club Night! Het is bijna weer zover! De zomervakantie staat voor de deur! Nog twee weken uithouden en dan... http://t.co/xx6WP0VpGC
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